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Farmers Fair West Blacksea 2019

Agriculture, Food, Animal Breeding Fair
Thursday, 26 September, 2019 to Sunday, 29 September, 2019

Agriculture, Food, Animal Breeding Fair


Exhibited products and services:

Nokta Rent a Car

Car rental

It is requested from our Customers to have credit cards arranged in their names during the rental. A pre-authorization may be blocked which may vary depending the class of the rented vehicle; minimum 750 Turkish Liras for economy class vehicles, 1000 Turkish Liras for medium class vehicles and 1500 Turkish Liras for superior class vehicles.

The conditions end the Age of Renting a Car

Having of the following ages:  

The age of 21 for the vehicles of economic group ( As R.Clio, Hyundai Era,VW Polo etc.)

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