ExpoIn Turkey

Gapplast 2017

Plastics, Packaging, Chemical Technologies, Raw Material and Products Exhibition


Exhibited products and services: 

PLASTIC MAKING MACHINES (Plastic Profile and Pipe Extrusion Lines . Cable Lines . Rubber and Hose Lines . Plastic Injection Machines. Plastic Inflating Machines. Pet Inflating Machines. Plastic Film Machines. Nylon Bag Cutting Machines. Injection Inflating Machines. Plastic Cracking Machines. Plastic Recycling Machines. Thermoform Machines. Granule Machines. Plastic Pipe Machines. Extruders. Flex Printing Machines. Rubber Injection Machines. PVC Mixer Machines. Plastic Packaging Technology Machines)

CHEMICALS AND RAW MATERIALS (Engineering Plastics. Masterbatches. Colorants . PVC Additives . Rubber Additives . Rubber Chemicals. Engineering Polymers. Packaging and Industry Polymers. PVC Compounds . PVC Granule. PVC Heat and Light Stabilisers . Thermoplastic Elastomers. Fibre Raw materials. Oils. Basic and Intermediate Chemicals. Printing House Inks. Polipropilen. Polyethylene. Polistiren. Poliolefin. Pigments. Solvents. Polycarbonates)

MACHINERY SUBSIDIARY AND INTERMEDIATE INDUSTRY (Bushing and Screws. Reducers . Chiller and Coolers. Cooling Towers . Robot Systems. Mould Conditioner . Raw material Mixers . Conveyor Belts . Magnet and Metal Separators. CNC Machine for processing Plastic . Labelling Robots. Fırça Production Machines. Press and Sheet Processing Machines. Ventilation Pipes) 

HEAT AND CONTROL DEVICES. (Resistances. Sensors . Gauges . Polymer - Plastic Test Devices. Precision Scales . Electronic Scales . Hot Runner Systems. Static Equipments. Temperature Measurement Elements. Heat Control Modular Systems. Industrial Heating Elements)

MOULD (Plastic Inflating Moulds . Pet Bottle Moulds. Bottle Top Moulds. PVC Bottle Moulds. Pet Pre-form Moulds. Plastic Extrusion Moulds. PVC Door-Window and Ancillary Profile Extrusion Moulds. Injection Moulds. Mould Conditioners)

HYDRAULIC AND PNEUMATICS (Hydraulic Cylinders . Pumps . Fitting and Accessories. Air Compressors. Pressurized Aerial Line Equipments. Connection Equipments. Air Tanks)

RECYCLING (Plastic Recycling Technologies. Recycling Services. Plastic Recycling Extruders . Plastic Cracker Machines. Plastic Washing Rinsing and Drying Lines . Agglomerate System Machines. Granule Cutting Systems. Plastic Filtering Systems)

OTHER (Silo Systems. Software Systems. Dosing Systems. Mixers . Coding and Branding Systems. Plastic Furniture and Decoration Products . Hose and Quenching Systems. Plastic Packaging Companies. PVC Window and Pipe Manufacturers. Related Professional Organizations . Industry Publications)



Gaziantep Office:

Address: İncilipınar Mah. Muammer Aksoy Bulvarı No:11 FH İş Merkezi K:1 D:3
Telephone:+90 342 220 08 77 - 220 32 12 
Fax:+90 342 220 15 11 

İstanbul Office
Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Nazım Hikmet Bulvarı 1988 Sok. Papatya Residence 1 K:13 No:173
Telephone:+90 532 509 51 42


Wednesday, 27 September, 2017 to Saturday, 30 September, 2017




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