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To add an information about your company or exhibition, please use one of the following ways:



Register and log in by clicking here. After creating an account you will see "Add content" button on the left column, where you can publish your information.



We can publish the information for you. For this purpuse please fill one of the forms below (if you are service provider, event organizer or venue - "Company profile form", if you would like to add your event to calendar - "Event information form") and send it back at



  • For event organizers and event venues - free of charge (Information placement is possible after getting an addmittance from website administrator. Please, note, that information that is not going along with our terms of use can be deleted by site administrator without notification and additional explanations).
  • For service providers (booth construction companies, exhibition logistics providers, model agencies, translation buros, catering, event companies and related) - 150 USD per year