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Adventure Turkey 2021


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As the world tourism industry grows at an annual rate of 4-7%, event and sports focused adventure tourism industry has been expanding its market by around 20-30% every year. While this growth helps increase the number and capacity of facilities that place adrenaline and activities at the forefront for their customers, it also encourages the travel agencies and tourism professionals to focus on programs that aim these interests. Adventure Turkey brings to its visitors, the facilities and businesses that serve adventure tourism and sports, product and service vendors, clubs, travel agencies, tourism professionals and all other stakeholders of the sector. Adventure Turkey, is organized concurrently with ATRAX; 9.International Attraction-Events, Parks-Recreation Industry and Services Exhibition. Adventure Turkey and ATRAX are being organized concurrently with the goal of creating synergy based on mutual cooperation opportunities and visitors potential.



Exhibited products and services:

Adventure and Attraction Tourism Service Providers

  • Companies offering adventure tourism services,
  • Travel Agencies, Clubs, Schools
  • Adventure Parks, Theme Parks, Attraction Facilities
  • Holiday Villages, Hotels, Facilities, Camping Facilities
  • Municipalities and Tourism Directorates
  • All Sector-related Service Providers
  • Relevant Institutions, Organizations and Publications

Adventure Tourism & Outdoor Sports Equipment

  • Diving and Water sports equipment
  • Winter Sports Equipment
  • Outdoor Sports Equipment
  • Air Sports Equipment
  • Bicycle and Motorbike Equipment and Supplies
  • Photography System Supplies and Accessories
  • All Sports Equipment and Supplies
  • Facility Equipment and Services




Facts and figures of ADVENTURE TURKEY EXPO 2019:

  • Number of Exhibitors: 137
  • Number of Brands Represented: 275
  • Number of visitors: 13.708 (12.132 local and 1.576 international)
  • Number of countries: 19




Colocated events:

  • ATRAX 2021 (9. International Attraction-Events, Parks-Recreation Industry and Services Exhibition)
  • VENDEX TURKEY 2021 (Vending Technologies & Self Service Systems Exhibition)





Contact person:

Mrs. Derya Yiğit
Tel: +90 2125706305



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District of Istanbul - Yesilkoy