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‘Best Plate Challenge’ at World Food Istanbul 2018

Best Plate Challenge World Food Istanbul 2018


The best and the most creative plates will be rewarded with the ‘Best Plate Challenge’ 


Collaborating with World Gourmet Society, a club for the world’s most prominent chefs, gourmets, food critics, journalists and restaurant managers; WorldFood Istanbul has become the exclusive partner of the international “Best Plate Challenge”. As part of the collaboration, WorldFood Istanbul calls all the Turkish chefs to exhibit their best and most creative plates with Turkey’s first “Best Plate Challenge”. The purpose of the challenge is to help chefs from all around Turkey gain recognition in the international platform, introduce local produce, and act as a bridge to share their region’s culture.

All accepted videos will be presented to the World Gourmet Society’s (WGS) global community and to a world class jury appointed by WGS. The finalists that will be determined from the accepted videos will get to promote their plates to thousands of visitors within the scope of World Food Istanbul, to be organized on September 5-8, 2018. The winner of “Best Plate Challenge Turkey” will be given their medal at the ceremony that will take place at WorldFood Istanbul in the presence of the founder of WGS and members of the jury.
Participants will have the chance to be included in more than 10 newsletters and various announcements to a network of more than 50,000 gourmands consisting of the prestigious WGS members, press releases directed to more than 3,000 journalists and over 35 press articles, radio, and TV exposure.

The hotel/restaurant/café chefs, who prepare and serve high-quality and superior dishes and wish to participate in this challenge, can send their videos to the e-mail address sefineniyitabagi@ite-turkey.com, which will be no longer than 3 minutes, prepared effectively with video graphs, explaining why their plate is creative and why they are a unique chef, and using local produce to represent their country/region.

For more detailed information on the challenge, you can visit https://www.worldfoodistanbul.com/etkinlikler/sefin-en-iyi-tabagi-yarismasi


Source: www.worldfood-istanbul.com