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Cukurova Furniture Related Industry Fair 2021


3rd Furniture Related Industry, Accessories, Upholstery, Door, Window and Wood Working Technologies and Forestry Products Fair



Exhibited products and services:

  • Wood Forestry Products And Materials
  • Floor Plate, Coated Plate, Painted Plate
  • Mdf, Coated Mdf, Hdf, Coated Hdf
  • Fiber Plate, Plated Plate Sheet
  • Plywood
  • Coverings, Laminated And Laminates
  • Decor Papers, Overlay Papers
  • Finishing Foil, Pp, Pvc Membrane, Acrylic Fountains
  • Edge Tapes, Coverings
  • Profiles, Lambri, Skirting, Drawn
  • Panels, Wall Panel
  • Door Surface, Door Panel, Case, Pervaz
  • Wooden Door, Filling Material
  • Laminate, Membrane, Acrylic Covers, Boy Covers
  • Table Tables, Tables
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Pallet, Sandik, Box And Semi-Prepared ProductsWood Handicraft And Authentic Products
  • Furniture Accessories
  • Connection Systems
  • Hinges, Cover Systems, Folding Stor Systems
  • Rayli, Sliding Systems


Colocated exhibition: Cukurova Wood Processing Machines Fair 2021



Contact person:

Mr. Salih GÖKMEN  - Department Manager
Tel: +90 (322) 256 90 90


Mrs. Gizem ÖZERK - Project Manager
Tel: +90 (322) 256 90 90





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