Growtech Eurasia 2019

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Wednesday, 27 November, 2019 to Monday, 30 December, 2019

19th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Equipment and Technologies Fair


Growtech Eurasia, the 19th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Equipment and Technologies Fair is organized by UBM NTSR and is growing consistently every year and having become the leader in the agricultural industry.

UBM is the leading exhibition and communication company with a history of 96 years with over 5,000 employees, organizing over 400 global trade fairs, conferences and summits annually in 30 countries, bringing together more than 2 million exhibitors and visitors every year and creating amazing business opportunities.

The leading fair in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Caucasus, gaining reputation in the international arena every year and growing consistently, held in Antalya which is the heartland of the developing agricultural production and export, Growtech Eurasia takes place with participation of leading companies from the Greenhouse and Technologies, Agricultural Technologies and Equipment, Irrigation Systems, Seed Growing, Seedling Cultivation, Plant Nutrition and Protection, Biological Control, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment areas.

In 2016 Growtech Eurasia - the largest agriculture fair in Eurasia and Turkey – hosted 700 international and national exhibitors and 81.206 visitors, bringing together buyers and decision makers from neighbouring countries and the world in Antalya, the heart of Turkish agriculture.


Exhibiting products and services:

Greenhouse and technologies:

  • Construction Projects
  • Material and Plastics
  • Heating, Ventilation Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Automation

Agricultural mechanization:

  • Tractors and Equipments
  • Open Space Agriculture Machinery
  • Small-Scale Agriculture Machinery
  • Automation Systems
  • Product Packaging Machinery and Systems
  • Product Warehouse Machinery
  • Product Warehouse Machinery and Systems
  • Disinfection Turbos
  • Construction Machinery
  • Lawn Mower and Equipments


  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Vegetable Seed Improvement
  • Fruit Seeds
  • Grass and Flower Seeds
  • Nursery Production
  • Fertilizer
  • Agriculture Plants


  • Vegetable and Fruit Arboriculture
  • Young Plant Production
  • Arboriculture Equipments

Plant nutrition and protection:

  • Plant Growth Regulators
  • Post-Harvest Protection
  • Soil Improvement
  • Agrochemicals
  • Foil and Drip Irrigation Fertilizers
  • Mineral Liquid Foliar Fertilizer Production
  • Biological Foliar Fertilizer Production
  • Natural Plant Culture

Organic agriculture:

  • Input Material Producers
  • Products
  • Organic Fertilizer Production
  • Sertification Instutions

Irrigation systems and equipments:

  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
  • PE Pipe Components
  • Dosage Pumps
  • Sprinklers
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Soil and Water Research Equipments

Service and logistics:

  • Project Design, Consultacy
  • Surveillance Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Test Services
  • Measuring Devices
  • Agricultural Banking and Finance
  • Agricultural Analysis ve Research Services
  • Agriculture Insurance


Facts and figures 2017:

  • 700 foreign and domestic exhibitors from 24 countries 
  • 81.206 visitors (incl. 4.145 foreign visitors from 80 countries)
  • Exhibition area - 50.000 sqm (2016)



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Tel: +90 (216) 425-63-00 
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Contact person:

Mrs. Serra Kaya - Business Development Executive