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Food, Food Technologies and Packaging Fair Gaziantep


Gaziantep, thanks to its closeness to the Middle East, Balkan Countries and Turkish Republics and being located on the Silk Road, is at the top ranks in the food export of Turkey. Due to this reason, GAPFOOD Food, Food Technologies and Packaging Fair, which is organized with the cooperation of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry since many long years, provides considerable contribution to this export.



Exhibiting products and services:

Biscuit, Cakes, Chocolate, Confectionery, Meat and Milk Products, Vegetable Oil and Animal Fats, Canned Food, Molasses, Halva and Tahini, Frozen Food, Dried Foodstuff, Pulses, Flour, Bakery Products and Pastas, Spices, Nuts, Diet Food, Tea and Coffee. Cold Drinks, Food Additive. Coloring and Auxiliary Materials, Industrial Food Products, Service and Equipment, Measuring and Packaging Technologies, Food Safety, Hygiene and Quality Control Technologies, Food Machinery, Sectoral Publications, Public Institutes and Agencies.



Colocated event: GAPTARIM 2020 (Agriculture, Agriculture Technologies and Stock Breeding Fair)




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