Child Development Fair 2018 | İstanbul |
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Child Development Fair 2018


Products and services for child developent fair


Exhibited products and services:

Everything for social, emotional, mental, cultural and physical development of children:

  • Books, Magazines, Periodicals
  • Training Sets (Artistic training sets, Ability development sets, Thinking skill sets, Attention sets, Sets for malfunctioning, Language training sets, Science education sets, Natural science education sets)
  • Consultancy Centers (Programs for gifted children, Programs for physically handicapped children, Programs for children with mental disabilities, Programs for children with emotional and behavioral disorders, Guidance programs)
  • Games, Toys
  • Thematic Parks
  • Museums
  • Art Schools
  • Sports Schools
  • Summer Camps
  • Workshop Programs, Courses (Artistic development workshops, courses, Science workshops, courses, Foreign language courses, Drama and Theater workshops, courses, Hobby workshops, courses, Special skills development workshops, courses)
  • Robot Kits
  • Special Education Programs for Parents and Trainers
  • Assistive Products and Services (Software, Applications, Information Systems, Supportive products for physical development, stationery)




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