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Wednesday, 20 March, 2019 to Saturday, 23 March, 2019

Eurasia Lift Fair CNR 2019

Lift - Escalator Industry and Technologies Fair


Eurasia Asansor Fair or Eurasia Lift Fair has proved itself as  one of the most efficient elevator-escalator show in the region.
Organized in CNR EXPO for the 3th time, Eurasia Lift Fair, hosted 32.922 visitors including 3.812 international professionals from 30 different countries such as Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Kosovo, Brazil, Albania, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon, Ukraine, Georgia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Spain, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Pakistan. 


A wide range of products such as freight and passenger lifts, elevator motors, automatic door systems, lift components, security and alarm systems, control panels, breaks, gears, buttons, elevator escalator systems in general and various new products were showcased on 25.000 sqm area by 250 exhibiting brands at Eurasia Lift Fair 2017.

Seminars about various industrial topics were organized regarding the future of elevator & escalator industry, innovations, latest trends on components, recent regulations about EC elevator & escalator conformity legislation and hydraulic elevators. Seminar participants have enlightened by the insights and guidance of international professionals.


Both domestic and international participants are delighted to meet with the professionals of elevator/escalator industry and find new business opportunities during the fair.


Exhibited products and services:

  • Lift engines
  • Drive systems
  • Machines with  gearless
  • Machines with gearless
  • Hydraulic power units and pistons.
  • Hydraulic lift components :Tank/valve/pipe break valve
  • Speed regulators
  • Deflection rollers
  • Bumpers
  • Control-Signalization systems
  • Power tables & the main switch
  • The load measuring systems
  • Revision boxes
  • Alarm systems
  • Communication systems : telephone and intercom
  • Elevator control panels
  • The inverter  and encoders
  • Relay, contactor and accessories
  • Well information systems
  • Well lighting
  • Power failure and bringing top system
  • Cabin tapes/top tapes/indicators/buttons
  • Cables and flex cables
  • Passenger elevator cabins
  • Load lift cabinets
  • Hospital elevator cabins
  • High-speed elevators
  • Panoramic cabins
  • Ray & accessories
  • Guide rails / brackets / Ray tabs
  • Ray consoles / dowel driving
  • Doors
  • Fold door mechanisms
  • Fold door panel and chassis
  • Fold door locks
  • Fold door shock absorber and lirpomps
  • Cabin door panels cabin and counter-weighted carcass
  • Cabin carcass
  • Safety gear:Sudden stop ve slip type
  • Skating rink,skate wheel and Using an oil can
  • Noise, vibration-damping tires tires
  • Counter-weighted carcass
  • Counter-weighted blocks
  • Cab door mechanisms
  • Suspended ropes & balance
  • Ropes & accessories
  • Stabilizer chain and accessories
  • Mark and labels
  • Decoration materials
  • Other materials



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Fax: +90 212 465 74 76-77

Mrs. Serra Paçacı - International Sales Director
Ext: 2134


District of Istanbul: Yeşilköy








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