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Thursday, 14 March, 2019 to Sunday, 17 March, 2019

Istanbul hardware fair

Istanbul Hardware Fair


Exhibited products and services:

Electrical appliances and accessories, Mechanical hand tools and accessories, Welding machines and electrodes, Compressor and air hydraulic tools, Hydraulic and pneumatic hand tools, Grinding machines, Gas apparatus, Fasteners, Lift equipment, Measuring, test tools and equipment, Workbench and mounting tools, Sheet metal processing machines and accessories, Construction machines, filling and concrete cutting machines, Metal cutting tools, Dust absorbing machines, Stable and nail machines, Laser tools and equipment, Grinding products, Garage equipment, Compressed washing machines, Floor cleaning machines, Connecting elements, Blower heaters, Generators, DIY (Do it yourself) products, Motors, Energy products, Pipe, tube processing machines and accessories, Automotive service, tools and equipment, Chemicals and glues, Construction and industrial paints, Insulation, proofing and isolation materials, Painter, plaster hand tools and kinds, Decoration and repairing materials, Hoses and irrigation materials, Installation and equipment, Water and heater meters, WC and bath accessories, Coating materials, Plaster, plasterboard and fittings, Taps, Industrial wheels and belts, Trolleys, shovels, measuring tools, Wallpapers, decoration profiles, Paint spraying tools and equipment, Construction hardware, door handles and lock accessories, Labor safety equipment and overalls, Professional purpose ladders, Luxury hardware materials, furniture and door accessories, Electricity materials, Tool bags, Metal, wire, pipe, stone, glass, ceramics, plastic processing tools, Wire and chain kinds, Garden materials and agricultural tools, Belt and stretch film products, Built-in sinks, Household and cleaning materials, Different and other hardware products, Sectorial associations, Related departments of universities, Related products and services, Others.


Facts and figures 2017:

  • 5 thousand 285 visitors from 29 countries and 69 provinces




International Sales & Marketing Director - Mr. İbrahim Arslan
Tel: +90 212 604 50 62
Fax: +90 212 604 50 51


District of Istanbul - Yeşilköy








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