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Power Next 2018


Event consists of 2 exhibitions in its framework:

  • Biomass Energy ExpoBiogas, Biomass, Biodiesel Energy Technologies and Equipment Fair
  • Expo Geothermal - Geothermal Energy Technologies and Equipment Fair



Exhibitor Profile


  • Embankment, Riprap, Slope, Settlement, Crest deformation, Lightning, Security poles and chains, Road
  • Energy tunnel, Concrete, Valves
  • Penstock, Conrete supports, Valves, Butterfly valves, Corrosion and paint needs, Tunel lightning, Tunnel ventilation, Tunnel discharge
  • Dam instruments, Settelment points, Piezometers, Inclometer, Earthquake stations
  • Spillway, Gates, Spillway emergency gates, Seal and seapeage, Hydrualic equipment, Crane, Chains, Gears, Corrosion, Concrete, Chute, Energy disspation pond, Cavitation, Auxillary electric system, Diesel motor
  • Power house, Outside painting, Inside painting, Walls, Heating
  • Generator, Turbines
  • First aid, Surge tank
  • Bottom outlet, Gates, Discharge  canal, Dissipation pond
  • Auxillary electric system, Diesel motor system, Genarator
  • Battery  house and battery, Power house crane, Control room, Electrical equipment, Grid system connection, Computers
  • Switchyard, Conrete, Breakeres, Fence and security
  • Dam security, Guard buildings, Fence
  • Operation, Staff number, Vehicles


Colocated event: Scaffolding & Formwork 2018 (6th Scaffolding & Formwork Industrial Construction Technology Trade Fair)


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