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Izmir International Fair 2019


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Izmir International Fair


Having been home to a large number of civilizations throughout its history, Izmir was also the host of the first fair in the history of Turkey. Izmir International Fair, the first and the most comprehensive commercial fair of Turkey organized 87 years ago despite war, famine and crises, is opening its door to the future for the 88th time. Izmir Fair 2019 will be held on 6 - 15th of September 2019 in Kulturpark Izmir.


Bringing together different sectors, the first and only general trade fair of the country, İzmir International Fair continues to bring together innovations and developments in the World with Turkey. İzmir International Fair, expanding the commercial horizon of the country as well as contributes to the cultural development of the country through intercultural interaction environment created.

Promoting the development of sectors with high trade volume and updating this mission by keeping track of technology, İzmir International Fair continues to reinforce its “pioneer of trade” position since the first years of Republic. In the bilateral discussions of İzmir Business Days organized as part of the Fair, strong commercial connections are created and profitable business agreements are signed. Together with these discussions made on the first 5 days of the Fair, İzmir International Fair also aims to create an “international trade platform” providing new investment opportunities to participants in its 88th year.

Besides invigorating trade, İzmir International Fair gets ready for its guests to have an entertaining time with its 10-day long activities. From concerts to theater plays, movie screenings to musical shows, interviews to street shows, with many activities awaited with excitement each year and appealing to all kinds of tastes, İzmir International Fair will open its doors 88th time to world trade and culture exchange on 6-15 September, 2019.


İzmir International Fair hosting Serbia as partner country last year will host People’s Republic of China which is one of world giants as partner country this year.

Asian Giant Partner which is one of countries directing world economy has been recently attracting attention with its rapidly rising acceleration in the field of technology. Chine having investments in amount of nearly 2 billion dollars in our country in the fields such as energy, technology, infrastructure, logistics, finance, mining, telecommunication, is the third biggest commercial partner of Turkey in the world, and the biggest commercial partner of Turkey in East Asia.

It is expected that good relations between two countries will become much stronger as China is the partner country of İzmir International Fair this year. As well as business contacts to be established by procurement committees which the partner country will bring to the fair, with participants and bilateral discussions will strengthen commercial relations, they will also make contributions to development of cultural relations.


Exhibited products and services:

  •  Electricity - Electronics
  • Software, Information and Communication Technologies
  • Energy Systems
  • Health
  • Environmental Technologies and Urbanism
  • Security systems
  • Durable Goods
  • Heating - Cooling - Air Conditioning - Ventilation
  • Building Materials and Construction
  • Automotive Technologies and Automotive Supply Industry
  • Motorcycle - Bicycle and Motorcycle - Bicycle Side Industry
  • Food products
  • Medical and Chemistry
  • Training
  • R & D Centers
  • Technoparks
  • Agriculture and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Local Governments
  • Food Products and Technologies
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Franchise Brands
  • Packaged Product Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Local Flavors
  • Ready Foods
  • Other




Mr. ONUR ARIKAN - International Sales & Marketing
Phone: +90 (232) 497 12 27
Mobile: +900 (533) 144 99 07
E- mail: onur.arikan@izmirfair.com.tr

Mr. Emircan Özsoy - Visitor Relations Supervisor
Phone: +90 (232) 497 12 92 
Fax: +90 (232) 497 12 90
E- mail: emircan.ozsoy@izmirfair.com.tr







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