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March 5, 2020 to March 8, 2020

Mersin Agrodays 2020 fair

Mersin 15th International Agriculture & Horticulture Fair



Mersin Agrodays continues to be one of the most important agriculture exhibitions in Turkey and provides substantial participation of professional spheres every year. Agriculture sector investments grow and number of participants and visitors rises up every passing year in Mersin, where agricultural production increases up to 50% annually.   


Mersin’s economy is oriented on the agriculture, trade, industry, university and local tourism. An international airport, fast land transport opportunity due to highway, a port and developed “Free Zone” activities have brought Mersin into the position of an opening door to the world for one of the leading regional development projects GAP (the Southeastern Anatolia Project).



Exhibited products and services:

  • Greenhouses and equipments,
  • Agricultural Products,
  • Agriculture Machinery,
  • Packaging Machinery,
  • Equipment and Tools,
  • Drip Irregation Systems,
  • Fertilizers and Plant Protection,
  • Livestock Farming & Poultry,
  • Feed, Food, Seed,
  • Organic Agriculture,
  • Animal Health & Veterinarian Services,
  • Fishery Equipments,
  • Horticulture,
  • Cut flower, Gardening



Why should you exhibit?

- 40% of Agricultural export of the country is made through Mersin,
- Due to good climate conditions big variety of products, ability to grow such subtropical fruits as bananas and citruses,
- Developed vegetable and greenhouse cultivation,
- Soil condition available for good agriculture and organic agriculture,
- Manufacturers who are open to innovations and transferring into practice new developments,
- Due to strategic location, free zone and port there is a wide range of transportation possibilities and access to local and foreign markets,
- Advantageous potential for creating gardens oriented to export in field agriculture,
- Rich underground and aboveground water sources,
- Wide range of agricultural products,
- Industry based on postharvest agriculture.





Mr. Bülent Erkul - Sales Manager
External: +90 535 277 07 71

Mr. Soner Sütlüoğlu - Sales Specialist
Phone: +90 536 027 43 61



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