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MOBILEFEST Istanbul 2019


Mobilefest Istanbul 2019 banner

The First Mobile Apps Exhibition 


The fair where sector professionals, who will interact with each other, meet the investors and consumers, will function as a platform which will arouse interest of many domestic and foreign investors.

Mobilefest Istanbul, which will be participated in by high state officials as well as top business world, will organically arouse the attention of many domestic and foreign media organizations while also provide great support to the reputation of all brands and individuals.

Through Mobilefest, all participating brands and their representatives will have the opportunity to contact with end users, get feedback from existing customers and listen to recommendations and approaches from prospect customers. In addition to all these, they will have the chance to express at first hand the last versions and new advantages of their applications to the consumer.

The first day of the expo, which will last four days, will take as VIP and will be closed to the public. By means of this VIP day, which will be participated in by senior bureaucrats and senior executives of companies, an environment will be generated which will be considerably suitable for collaborations and new investment agreements.






District of Istanbul - Fatih





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