No Dig Turkey 2019

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Wednesday, 9 October, 2019 to Friday, 11 October, 2019

No dig Turkey 2019 Trenchless Technologies - banner

Trenchless Technologies, Infrastructure Construction Machinery and Equipments Fairs


Aim of the Fair: To bring together all of the parties engaged in the planning, designing, implementation and management processes of projects; such as, service recipient public bodies, service providing private companies, subcontracting companies, universities, non-governmental organizations and companies that provide materials, machinery and equipment. The only platform where people can view and gain information on Turkey’s infrastructure projects.

Held at the same time as the 5th Water Loss Forum Turkey organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and with the support of General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works.
The most comprehensive organization in its field that has been organized to develop the industry connections, customer relations, sales networks and brand recognition of the participant companies.


Exhibited products and services:

  • Water and Gas Leakage Detection Systems
  • Pipes and Cable Detection Systems
  • Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Measurement Systems
  • Fiberoptic Test and Maintenance Equipment
  • Cable Fault Measurement Systems
  • Manhole Covers and Metal Detectors
  • Pipe and Line Freeze Seal Services
  • Manhole Manufacturers and Casting Companies
  • GIS (Geographic Information System) Companies
  • Material Quality Control Test Centers
  • Infrastructure Asset Management Companies
  • Pipe Manufacturers and Importer Companies
  • Pump Manufacturers and Importer Companies
  • Valve Manufacturers and Importer Companies
  • Horizontal Drilling Service Companies
  • Horizontal Drill Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Horizontal Drill Spare Part Manufacturers
  • Bentonite Manufacturers
  • Pipe Jacking Service Companies
  • Pipe Jacking Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Boring Pipe Manufacturers
  • Microtunnel Service Companies
  • Microtunnel Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Shaft Digging Service Companies
  • Pipe Bursting Service Companies
  • Pipe Ramming Service Companies
  • Pipe Boring Service Companies
  • Inner Pipe Coating Renewal Service Companies
  • CIPP Service Companies
  • CIPP Pad Manufacturer Companies
  • CIPP Resin Manufacturer Companies
  • Canal and Pipe Rehabilitation Robots
  • Canal and Pipe Imaging Equipment
  • Canal and Pipe Cleaning Equipment
  • Companies Preventing Water Loss and Leakage
  • Ground Penetrating Radar System/ Equipment Service Companies
  • Ground Penetrating Radar System/ Equipment Manufacturers


Colocated exhibitions: 



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Fax: +90 312 440 41 54


Contact person:

Project Manager - Mrs. Işınsu Şimşek
Tel: +90 538 604 79 73