Trade Shows in Turkey // Exhibition Calendar 2019 - 2020

International General Fair
Textile, Ready to Wear Suppliers and Technologies Fair
Denizli Real Estate and Building Industry Exhibition
Machine Tools, Metal – Sheet Metal Processing Machines, Tool Holders – Cutting Tools, Quality Control – Measurement Systems, CAD/CAM, PLM Software and Manufacturing Technologies Fair
International Izmir Gracefully Aging Fair and Congress
Cotton, Yarn, Fabric and Technology Trade Fair
46th Izmir Footwear and Bags Fair 
7th Mining, Natural Resources and Technology Fair
Aegean Construction, Construction Materials and Technologies Fair + Real Estate Fair
Subject: Travel
Tourism Fair and Congress
14th Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair
15th International Agricultural Greenhouse & Livestock Exhibition
Hospitality, Accommodation Technologies and Out-of-Home Consumption Fair
26th International Natural Stone And Technology Fair