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International Istanbul Medical Analysis, Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation Product, Device, System, Technology, Equipment and Hospitals Fair


Expomed Eurasia has become the biggest trade fair in Turkey and Eurasia where medical devices, equipment and technologies are showcased and the latest medical trends and scientific events can be tracked for 30 years. In 2023 Expomed Eurasia is going to welcome all of its exhibitors and visitors on March 16-18. In addition to the physical event Expomed Eurasia offers online B2B solutions. In this regard, there will be two online events. Distributor Days will be on March 13-17, 2023, and Online Networking Days will take place from March 20 – April 3, 2023.


Event website: https://expomedistanbul.com/en/


Exhibited products and services:


Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Devices and Systems
Monitors and Imaging Systems
Nuclear Imaging Systems
High Definition Optical Imaging and Plasma Technologies
Intensive Care Units and Equipment
Nebulizers and Respiratory Equipment
Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Tools and Systems
Operation Equipment, Devices and Operation Room Equipment
Emergency Room Products, Devices and Systems
Dialysis Machines
Medical and Diagnostic Equipment
Ophthalmic Products, Devices, Systems
Robotic Technologies and Automation
Steam Sterilizers and Autoclaves
Test, Check-over and Calibration Service
Biologic and Chemical Sterilization Products and Container Systems
Ultrasonic and Electronic Cleaners
Surgical Motor Systems
General Laboratory, Devices and Systems 
Medical Laboratory Products and Technologies
Clinical Laboratory Supplies and Equipment 
Laboratory Tools and Materials 
Consumables for Laboratories
Laboratory Filtration Systems 
Plastic and Glass Materials for Laboratories
Clean Room Equipment
Laboratory Mixers 
Information and Communication Technologies for Laboratories
Food Laboratory Equipment 
Chemical Waste and Recycle Systems for Laboratories 
Laboratory Textile and Furniture
Laboratory Safety Equipment 
After Sale Services for Laboratory Equipment


Foot Healthcare Products
Disabled Vehicle Systems
Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Therapy Products, Devices and System
Corsets, Splints, Knee Guards, Neck Collar, Wristband and Compression Stockings
Orthopedic Shoes, Slippers and Crepes
Orthopedic Devices, Orthoses and Prostheses
Robotic Arms and Robotic Rehabilitation Systems
Disposable Supplies
Wound Care Kits
Steam Sterilizers, Autoclaves
Photocell Liquid Soap Machines
Hygienic Wet Volume Equipment
Paper Towel Dispensers, Hand Dryers
Disinfectant and Hygiene Products
Sterilization Products (Biological and Chemical) and Container Systems


Laundry, Ironing and Kitchen Equipment
Other Hospital Hardware
Diet Products, Catering Companies
Energy Generation and Management
Hot-Cold Food Service Carts for Patients
Hospital Systems for Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Air Conditioning, Environmental- Protection, Cleaning, Security, Waste and Water Treatment
Hospital and Office Furniture, Waiting Rooms
Hospital Construction and Contracting Companies
Automatic Doors for Hospital and Operating Room
Hospital and Office Building Systems and Materials
Heat-Resistant Dishes and Containers
Drug Transport Vehicles
Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Energy Distribution Systems
Morgue Equipment
Examination Chair, Stretcher and Equipment
Stainless Steel Hospital Equipment
Clean Room Systems
Medical Gases and Gas Systems
Medical Waste Collection and Parsing
Data Processing, Software Systems and Blue Code Systems
Documentation, Archiving, Data Base and Communication Systems
Nurse Call Systems and Patient Units
Technical Service, Repair and Maintenance
Test, Check-over and Calibration Service
Paging and Hospital Communication Systems


Facts and figures of EXPOMED Eurasia 2022:

  • 583 exhibiting companies (387 domestic and 196 international onsite and online exhibitors from 31 country)
  • 23.684 visitors (18.752 domestic and 4.932 international visitors from 119 countries)
  • Distributor Days (March 14-18, 2022): 
    • 4.328 registered online visitors from 109 countries & 495 registered exhibitors
    • 5000+ connections
    • 1.100+ messages
    • 200+ video calls
  • Online Networking Days March (21 - April 4, 2022):
    • 2.880 registered online visitors from 100 countries & 495 registered exhibitors
    • 400+ connections
    • 865 messages




Contact person: 

Mrs. Nur Kulaçoğlu - International Sales & Operations Group Assistant Manager
Phone: +90 212 867 11 00
E-mail: nurkulacoglu@tuyap.com.tr

Mr. İskender Denizoğlu - International Sales Project Manager
Phone: +90 212 876 11 00 Internal: 1233
E-mail: iskenderdenizoglu@tuyap.com.tr

Mrs. Melike Yerlitaş - Project Secretariat
Phone: +90 212 867 11 00
E-mail: melikeyerlitas@reedtuyap.com.tr


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District of Istanbul - Büyükçekmece






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