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33rd International Footwear, Slipper, Saddlery And Footwear Industry Suppliers Fair


In addition to the companies from Gaziantep, the participants from many cities such as Adana, Kayseri, İstanbul, Kahramanmaraş, Şanlıurfa also participate in the fair. GAPSHOES is among the largest and the most important fairs of Turkey and the Middle East. The fair which is realized twice a year for the summer and winter seasons, is an ideal organization for the companies which desire to enter into and access new markets. GAPSHOES continues to grow under the cooperated work of especially Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, Gaziantep Chamber of Shoemakers and many sectoral associations and chambers.


Exhibited products and services:

  • Footwear (men, women, children, sports, slippers, work safety and military footwear)
  • Saddlery (bags, purses, belts, suitcases)
  • Footwear Industry Supplies (soles, accessories, textile, chemical materials)
  • Leather (bovine, leather)
  • Artificial Leather (cut, fit, ready sole, sewing, finishing and others)
  • Footwear Machinery
  • Institutions, Representations, Magazines




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