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ISEC 2020


Homeland Security Counter-Terror & Protection Technologies Exhibition


The exhibition, which will be organized between the dates of December 02-05, 2020 at CNR Expo Yeşilköy, will be the biggest organization in its field.

The exhibition will offer enhanced solutions for the protection of public spaces, terror attacks, border control, and security of military installations, residential sites, and hotels, critical infrastructures.

ISEC 2020 will unite the Turkish and global security industry under one roof, where the latest developments, technologies, and products will be displayed for the first time.

Relevant governmental agencies and institutions, companies, non-governmental organizations need to participate in ISEC, which will create a unique market.

ISEC Istanbul 2020 an opportunity to meet first hand with this giant and yet unexplored HLS market.


Exhibited products and services:

Technologies for Counter Terrorism
• Thermal Camera Systems
• Through-the-Wall and Underground
Imaging Systems
• Shooting Direction Detection Systems
• Face Recognition and Voice
Authentication Systems
• Explosive and Mine Detectors
• Explosive Detection Dogs
• Improvised Explosive Detection and
Destruction Robots
• Electronic Signal Cutters
• Bomb Blankets
• Cable Detection Systems
• Chemical Trace Detection Systems
Safe City Urban Security Systems
• Communication Systems
• Number Plate Recognition Systems
• Vehicle Tracking Systems
• Emergency Response Systems
• Disaster Coordination Systems
• Mobile Electronic System Integration (MOBESE Systems)
• Traffic Guidance and Electronic
Inspection Systems
Border and Coast Guard Systems
• Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Monitoring Systems
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
• Border Physical Security Systems
• Assault Boats, Sudden Intervention Boats
Cyber Security Technologies
• Smart Payment Terminals
• Chip Technology, Leakage Tests
Airport Security Systems
• Passenger and Crew Biometric Screening and
Validation Systems
• Public Addressing and Emergency
Announcement Systems
• Luggage and Cargo Screening Systems
Air Security Shield Technologies
• UAV and UAV Detection Systems
• Anti-drone Weapons, Laser Defense Systems
• Electro-optical Systems, Radar Systems
Facility Security Systems and Automation
• Command and Control Systems
• Detection Systems
• Intelligent Video Analysis Systems
• Automatic Identification Systems
Railway and Tunnel Security Systems
• Fiber Optic Receivers and Detection Systems
• Early Warning Systems
• Information Gathering and Analysis Systems
• Physical Security Systems
• Integration Systems, Energy Supply Systems
Smart Home and Workplace Security Systems
• Burglar Alarm Systems
• Goods Security Systems, Lock Systems
• Gas and Water Detection Systems
Auxiliary Security Devices
• Xray Devices
• Door Detectors
Fire Extinguishing Systems
• Fire Detection Systems
• Heat and Gas Detection Systems
• Fire Alarm and Intervention Systems
Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection Technologies
• Crime Scene Analysis Tools
• Crime Scene Photo and Video Recording Devices
• Evidence Collection Tools and Kits
Armored Vehicle and Building Technologies
• Multilayer Composite Armor
• Riot Control Vehicles
• Valuables and Money Transporting Vehicles
• Armored Vehicles and Armored Heavy Machinery
• Bullet-proof Glasses and Cabins
Security Training and Simulation Technologies
• Armored Vehicle Simulators
• Operational Simulations
Weapon Technologies
• Guns and Automatic Rifles
• Missiles
• Bullets and Ammunition
Ancillary Safety Systems
• Handheld Metal Detectors
• Radios, Cameras
Access Control Systems
• Biometric Access Systems
• Card Access Systems
• Barriers
Safety Clothing and Equipment
• Ballistic Vests, Special Operation Vests
• Helmets, Batons, Handcuffs, Coats, Shoes, and Boots
Command and Control
Insurance Companies
Consulting and Quality Management Firms
Public Institutions and Organizations of the Industry



Phone: +90 212 465 74 74
Fax: +90 212 465 74 76-77


Contact person:

Mr. Mert Kaan Duman - Fair Manager (for Turkish inquiries)
External: 2130

Mrs. Işıl Bandakçıoğlu - International Sales Director
(for international inquiries)
External: 2134



District of Istanbul - Yesilkoy





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