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10th International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipments and Heavy Duty Vehicles Fair

Mining Türkiye 2022 10th International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipment and Heavy Duty Vehicles Fair, which will be held at Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Cooperation with YMGV (Homeland Mining Development Foundation) between 15-18 December 2022. Products and services will be exhibited under the main headings of Selection identification and Demarcation of the mine site, Preparation of the surrounding areas and work sites of the mine site, Ore Extraction (Loosening and removal from site), Ore preparation and enrichment, Auxiliary machinery, Equipment material and services determining and boundaries of the mine area, preparation of the environment and working areas of the mine area, ore extraction, ore preparation and enrichment. Mining Türkiye Fair, the most comprehensive fair of the mining industry, offers the opportunity to examine many products and servisec like drilling machinery and equipment, cutting-loading-transporting machines and equipment, geological survey equipment, drilling machinery and equipment, as well as grinding-crushing-screening-sorting machinery equipment, chemical enrichment materials and equipment, occupational health safety equipment and finally generators (including electric motors) at the same time.


Exhibited products and services:

  • Topographical Measuring Equipment
  • Geophysical Survey Equipment
  • Prospection and Geological Survey Equipment
  • Satellite Communication and Remote Control Systems
  • Drilling Machinery and Equipment
  • Blasting Equipment and Accessories
  • Excavation – Haulage Machinery and Equipment
  • Shaft Sinking and Hoisting Systems
  • Mineral Processing Machinery and Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Tunnel Boring Machines and Equipment
  • Tunnel Scada Management Systems
  • Asphalt Construction Machinery and Equipment
  • Traffic Management Infrastructure, Road Safety and Parking Systems
  • Geotechnical Parts&Technologies
  • Monitoring and Communication Systems
  • Gas Measurement and Safety Devices
  • Natural Stones Extraction Machines and Processing
  • Systems Chemical, Mineralogical and Petrographical Analysis Equipments
  • Open Pit and Underground Mining Projects Enviromental Management and Related Devices
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Technical Consultancy Services
  • Finance and Legal Services
  • Software Services
  • Publications
  • Universities
  • Non-Governmental Organizations


Facts and figures of MINING TURKEY fair 2021:

  • 25.000 sqm exhibition area
  • 409 exhibitors from 28 countries
  • 11.488 visitors from 57 countries




Contact organizers:

Tuyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc.
Phone: +90 (212) 867 11 00
Fax: +90 (212) 886 93 92


Contact person:

Mrs. Nurdan Özkaya - International Sales Project Assistant Manager
Phone: +90 (212) 867 11 64


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District of Istanbul - Buyukcekmece





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