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Artkim Fuarcılık Tic. A.Ş.

Artkim Fuarcılık has started its journey in 2001 with the purpose to specify in the Chemicals Industry and organized its first exhibition Turkchem Chem Show Eurasia in 2006. Today, Artkim is the organizer of 9 worldwide recognized International Exhibitions. 

Artkim Fuarcılık Organizes the following exhibitions: 
"International Chemical Industry Group Exhibition” Turkchem Chem Show Eurasia, "International Dyestuff, Printing Inks, Pigments, Chemicals, Printing and Dyeing Technologies Exhibition” Interdye & Printing Eurasia, "International Coatings, Inks Adhesives, Insulation, Sealants, Construction Chemicals, Raw Materials and Production Technologies Exhibition” Paintistanbul &Turkcoat, "International Pretreatment, Surface Treatment Chemicals Machinery, Equipment and Technologies Exhibition” STT Show Eurasia, "International Industrial Coatings Technologies Exhibition” PaintExpo Eurasia, "International Polyurethane Industry Exhibition” Putech Eurasia, "Composites Industry and Production Technologies Exhibition” Eurasian Composites Show, "Cosmetics, Personal Care, Detergent & Home Care Ingredients, Raw Materials and Technologies Exhibition” Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients, "Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care Ingredients, Raw Materials and Technologies Exhibition” Life Sciences Ingredients exhibitions have brought together thousands of industry professionals over the years and contributed to the Chemicals Industry in many ways.




Address: Sultan Selim Mah. Akyol Sitesi Çıkmazı Sk.
No:6 Artkim Center 34415 4.Levent / İstanbul 
Tel: +90 (212) 324 00 00 
Fax: +90 (212) 324 37 57


Paintistanbul & Turkcoat 2020

8th International Paint, Paint Raw Materials, Construction Chemicals, Adhesives and Raw Materials, Laboratory and Production Equipments Exhibition 

PUTECH Eurasia 2021

7th International Polyurethane Industry Exhibition
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