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Tüyap Konya Fair Organization

Tüyap Konya began operations in 2003 and organized fairs in agriculture, food and packaging, construction materials and technologies, HVAC, regional administrations, metal processing and manufacturing technologies, electrical works, electronics, handling and logistics, and die casting at the KTO-Tüyap Konya International Fair Center, of which it is the operator. As of August 2011, Tüyap Konya has served almost 12,000 participants from 50 countries, receiving more than 1,970,000 visitors from 49 countries.

The venue has a closed area of 26.700 m2 and 90.000 m2 of open exhibition space, parking for 3500 visitors and private parking for 500 participants, with additional parking for 50 semitrailers, two conference halls with capacities varying between 250 to 600 participants, a restaurant and is fully air-conditioned. Other amenities include electrical power rated at 2400 kVA/h, pressurized air, water and sewage systems, private security, first aid services, telephone and Wi-Fi services.

Tüyap Konya operates in association with the Ministry of Agriculture and Village Works, the Governor’s Office of Konya, the City of Konya, the Konya Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Provincial directorate of Agriculture, and the Small and Medium Industry Support and Development Authority (KOSGEB). Event partners of Tüyap Konya include Selçuk University, the Agricultural Tool and Machinery Manufacturers Association of Turkey, the Lathe Manufacturers Society, and a variety of public authorities, associations, trade unions, chambers and publishing groups.



Address: Aksaray Yolu 1. Km Konya
Tel: +90 (332) 346 29 30 (17th line)
Fax: +90 (332) 346 29 49

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