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Our Services



Our activity is aimed at intensification of international cooperation for our clients

Covering the territory of UKRAINE and TURKEY we can provide the following services for you:


  • Business events organization

Organization of all kinds of business-events (exhibitions, conferences, B2B programs, summits etc) on a turnkey basis as well as assistance in particular organizational issues


  • Meetings arrangement

Arrangement of single meetings with pre-screened prospective partners as well organization of business-tours (series of meetings in pre-defined city or country depending on the client's target)


  • Organization of participation in international exhibitions

Full support of exhibitor on the preparation stage, during and after the event - evaluation of potential effectiveness of the choosen event, defining the best option of exhibiting, booth design and construction arrangements, logistics, accomodation, transfers, tempopary staff - hostess, translators, models and other services upon the request


  • Translation services

Completion of translations (English-German-Russian-Turkish-Farsi, other languages on demand)


  • Search of business partners

Search of prospective business-partners, representatives in required regions / countries according to specified criteria




International Ecological Forum "Environment for Ukraine" 2010 and 2011, Healthcare Travel Expo 2013 (Kyiv, Ukraine), Public Health 2013 (Kyiv, Ukraine), IMTEC Oman 2015 (Muscat, Oman), Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition 2015 (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Ankara Medical Tourism Famtour and Workshop 2015 (Ankara, Turkey), Retail and Development Business Summit 2015 (Kyiv, Ukraine), Design.Living.Tendency exhibition 2016 (Kyiv, Ukraine), Retail and Development Business Expo 2017 (Kyiv, Ukraine)


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For all questions don't hesitate to contact us at info@expoinconsulting.com and tel: +38 (073) 010-82-05

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