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Powder, Granite and Bulk Raw Materials Processing Technology and Machinery Exhibition


Local and foreign companies operating in the fields of production and processing of powder, granules and bulk raw materials will meet at the only trade fair of the sector - Powder Tech - on 20 - 23 of October, 2021.

Powder Tech - Powder, Granite and Bulk Raw Materials Processing Technology and Machinery Exhibition, organized by Tepe Fairs, will be the most important supply center for sector buyers from Asia, Europe and Middle East with a population of 582 million. The fair, which will take place at CNR Expo Istanbul Exhibition Center, the center of global trade, will become the attraction center of the sector with its unique location and easy accessibility.

The fair, where raw material production and distribution processes will be gathered under one roof, will provide a unique perspective for various industries from glass to building materials, paper to medicine, chemicals and food.


Exhibited products and services:

Dosing Systems;

  • Volumetric dosing and mixing devices
  • Gravimetric dosing and mixing devices
  • Multiple Gravimetric Batchers
    • Solid Dosing
    • Liquid Dosing
    • Gas and Steam Dosing
    • Automatic and Controlled Dosing
    • Macro and micro dosing systems

Dust Collecting Technologies

  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Dust extraction technologies
  • Air Purification Technologies
  • Exhaust and Dust Extraction Technologies

Dedusting Systems

  • Jet Pulse Bag Filter
  • Silo Top Filter
  • Cyclone

Size Reduction Systems
Silo Unloading Systems

  • Vibrating Silo Unloading System
  • Silo Fluidizing Systems
  • Bin Actuator

Weighing and Mixing Systems

  • Dry Mixer
  • Gypsum Plate Mixer
  • Micro Dosing Screw
  • Weighing Belt Conveyor
  • Micro Weighing Bunker
  • Volumetric Dosing Bunker
  • Mobile Additive Feeding System
  • Belt Weighing Mechanism
  • Weighing Bunker
  • Manual Additive Bunker
  • Additive Bunker

Vertical and Horizontal Transport Systems

  • Bucket Elevator
    • Chain Type
    • Belt Type
  • Belt and Roller Conveyor
  • Screw Conveyor

Drying and Cooling Systems

  • Rotary Calcination Furnace
  • Vertical Calcination Furnace
  • Perlite Expansion Furnace
  • Drying oven
  • Rotary Cooler

Grinding and Classification

  • Centrifugal Hammer Mill
  • Dynamic Air Separator
  • Ball Mill
  • Vibrating Screen

Metal Separating Systems
Plastic Injection Molding Machines
Plastic Blow Molding Machines





Tel: +90 212 463 79 78   
Fax: +90 212 465 64 34

Contact person:

Mr. Mehmet Çelik - Sales and Marketing Manager
Phone: +90 212 463 7812

Mr. Anıl Kertiş - Sales Specialist
Phone: +90 212 463 78 10


District of Istanbul - Yesilkoy






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