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Lifting & Heavy Transport - Industrial Rental Exhibition


Industrial Rental is the supply of all machinery, equipment and others through renting in factories, industrial facilities (excluding main-line production machinery) and construction sites. Thus it includes all sorts of construction machinery, equipment, cranes, platforms, stacking machines, road-building machinery, concrete and asphalt machinery, scaffolding, moulds, generators, compressors, site equipment and tools. 


We organized the first VİPP Cranes, Specialized Transport, Material Handling, Access Equipment Trade Fair in 2018 with supports of İSDER, PLATFORMDER and VİNÇDER, which has been the starting point of our Rent It Turkey Fair. It seems inevitable that our Fair, which is registered under the same name and definition in terms of public supports and international definitions, will eventually evolve into a rental fair, just like the sector itself. In 2022, we aim to achieve an organization worthy of the sector by reaching the desired scope and interest with the support and contributions of İMDER. Rent It Turkey will literally be a market place with rental companies being participants and main point, suppliers, second-hand machinery vendors being exhibitors, contractors, subcontractors, public users, municipalities, industrial plants and all kinds of people who receive services of this sector as visitors. All details about the event can be reached from our website. If you are part of the sector, be a part of the MARKET as well.



Exhibited Products and Services:


  • Tower Cranes,
  • Pallet Cranes,
  • Mobile Cranes,
  • Truck Cranes,
  • Gantry Cranes,
  • Harbor Cranes,
  • Industrial Cranmes.

Stacking / Handling:

  • Forklifts,
  • Reach Trucks,
  • Teletrucks,
  • Sideloaders,
  • Industrial Handling,
  • Container Transport,
  • Telehandler.

Lifting Platform:

  • Scissor,
  • Self-Propelled,
  • Palletized,
  • Vehicle,
  • Vertical Lifts.

Heavy Transport:

  • Tow Trucks,
  • Trailers,
  • Lowbeds,
  • Semi Trailers,
  • SPMTs.

Special Lifting Equipment:

  • Hydraulic Jack,
  • Synchronous Lifting,
  • Hydraulic Gantry,
  • Strandjack.


  • Generators,
  • Compressors,
  • Lighting,
  • Containers.

Equipment / By-Product / Component:

  • Tire,
  • Safety,
  • OEM/Original Spare Parts,
  • Lubricants,
  • Contact.


  • Consultancy,
  • Education,
  • Governmental Organization / Society,
  • Sectoral Publication.



Colocated exhibition: KOMATEK 2022 (International Construction Machinery, Technology and Equipment Trade Fair)



Contact Person:

Tel: +90 (312) 440 8800
Fax: +90 (312) 440 8803






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