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CNR Emlak Istanbul 2022

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6th Real Estate Investment Projects and Financing Fair


CNR Emlak - Real Estate Investment Projects and Financing Exhibition will be organized by Cnr Holding between December 17-21, 2022 at Istanbul Expo Center.

The Show will bring together the leading real estate companies, investors, occupiers, properties and finance professionals from all over the world.

CNR Emlak is the first and only exhibition in Turkey and the region for Property and Investment. The event will gather the entire sector; from development, financing, implementation, and marketing to the operation and utilization of properties, at the same location for four days at this unmissable business platform. The fair will be a unique opportunity for establishing new business connections in the sector in the regional and global scale. Its high profile visitors from EU, Middle East, North Africa, Gulf, and CIS countries create a great synergy for the show.


Exhibited products and services:

  • Villas, Residential and Public Housing Projects
  • Shopping Malls, Business Centers and Plazas
  • industrial Estates and Organized industrial Zones
  • Real Estate Marketing Agencies and Land Offices
  • Cooperatives and Time-share Companies
  • Prefabricated Wood & Steel House Manufacturers and importers
  • Companies in Public Housing Contracting Services
  • Banks, Finance and Credit institutions
  • Public institutions
  • Municipal Corporations




Contact organizers:

Phone: +90 212 465 74 74

Mr. Hakan Gider - Marketing Group Coordinator


International Sales Team
Phone: +90 (212) 465 74 74
Whatsapp: +90 (533) 363 29 71


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