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Turk Kompozit 2022


Turkish and Regional Composites Industry, Technology and Applications Exhibition


Turk Kompozit 2022 is a composites industry event covering manufacturing, processing and application methods specific to the composite industry. The event will cover; Raw Materials (Resins, Fabrics, Thermosets, Thermoplastics, Additives), Semi-finished products, Intermediate products and Finished products, Processing Technologies, Machines, Equipment, Consumables, Construction, Simulation services.


Industries represented at Composite Summit:

  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • building and construction
  • electrical and electronics
  • leisure,
  • marine and transportation
  • wind energy


Summit participants:

raw materials suppliers, semi-finished, intermediate & finished product manufactures, processing technology and equipment providers, machine and consumables manufactures.


Facts and figures of Turk Kompozit exhibition 2019:

  • 4567 VISITORS




Acitivities at Turk Kompozit 2022:

Technical Presentations
Technical presentations focuses on engineering, scientific and high technology, describing advances in technology, solutions, applications and product design aspects in the composites industry.

Commercial Presentations
Commercial presentations focuses on product and/or service offerings of a company. The companies will explain the details about their products and their applications and various use cases in the composites industry.

Product Demonstrations
In the exhibition area, our participants will make compelling both public and private product demonstrations that will cover applications and use cases of products.

Composites Career Days
In the context of Composites Career Days, senior year university students and industry professionals seeking a new job will get the chance to meet with firms in search of qualified employees.

Composites Experience Talks
At the “Talking from Experience” program, the doyens of Turkish composites industry will be sharing their experiences and advice with the newer members of the community.

Start-Up Booster
Start-ups which often feel unable to attend the event will now have the chance to present and promote their operations, products, and aims in the section designated for them.

Composites Awards
“Composite Awards” will be presented to the worthy members of the industry, during the Cocktail event to be held on the 2nd day of the program.

Composites Product Planet
Ground-breaking, innovative and creative examples from the composites industry will be presented at the “Composite Products World” section.

Press Corner
The entities and organizations which take part in the event will be able to present their bulletins and documents to the guests, at the “Media Corner”.



Contact organizers:

Mr. İsmail Hacıalioglu
Tel: +90 (216) 685 12 68


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District of Istanbul - Sisli






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