Yerel Zincirler Bulusuyor 2022 | Istanbul |
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Yerel Zincirler Bulusuyor 2022


International Local Chain Stores Meeting - Conference and Exhibition 

The 13th Local Chains Meet 2022 Conference and Fair, which strengthens cooperation channels by bringing together the local chain market representatives of organized food retail with the leading manufacturer and supplier brands of the sector, and offers a unique atmosphere to its participants with the mission of being the largest organization in the sector, will take place on 14th - 15th of September 2022 at Istanbul Haliç Congress Center.

Organized by Focus Fair and Congress Management and the Turkish Retailers Federation, the exhibition has become an eagerly awaited annual event as the meeting and business development point of the industry, shedding light on the future of retail in Turkey. YZB, which has signed a magnificent organization with 95% satisfaction rate of its participating companies in 2021, will host the leading companies of the sector in its 13th year.


Exhibitors profile:

  • Firm Owners, Managers and Representatives of Local Chains
  • Products and Service Providers
  • Related Suppliers
  • Producers
  • Media Representatives
  • Buying Delegations
  • Representatives of Finance, Communication, Information and Industrial Enterprises
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Public and Private Sector Representatives


Conference participants profile:

  • Market Products

Milk and milk products
Meat Products and Animal Products
Ready Foods and Frozen Products
Sweet and Chocolate Products, Biscuits
Flour, Floury Fudge and Macaroni
Dough and Pastry Materials
Cereals and Bean Products
Vegetable Oils and Margarines
Olive and Olive Oil
Beverage Powders, Mortars and Seasonings
Tea and Coffee Products
Salt and Sugar
Dried Fruits, Spices
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Organic and Natural Food Products
Healthy Nutrition and Diet Products
Baby Products
Detergent and Cleaning Products
Personal Care and Cosmetics
Industrial Care Products
Hobbies, Pet Products, Toys
Paper Products
Stationery and Office Supplies
Housewares, House, Garden
Textile & Shoes
Custom Marked Products

  • Market Systems, Equipment and Logistics

Architecture, Decoration and Design
Furniture and Lighting
Electrical and Electronic Products
Warehousing and Logistics Transportation
HVAC - Heating - Cooling and Ventilation
Information technologies
Security systems
Payment Systems
Call center
Label, Barcode Systems
Warehouse, Stock and Supply Systems
Display, Promotion and Advertisement Products
Product Display Units and Shelf Systems
Cooling Systems
Packaging and Packaging
Market baskets and cars
Other Equipments

  • Other Service and Product Groups

Books, Magazines, Internet Media
Corporate Promotion Services
Accommodation Services
Research Services
Automotive Products and Services
Social Assistance Activities


Fcats and Figures of YZB 2021:

  • 5393 sector professionals
  • 12 sessions
  • 103 exhibitors
  • 300 brands




Contact organizers:

Tel: +90 212 322 8100 
Fax: +90 212 322 8101


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District of Istanbul - Beyoğlu





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