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WOW Hotel and Congress Center Yeşilköy

WOW Convention Center is Istanbul’s biggest congress center with accommodation facilities with 6.500 m² meeting area, 16 meeting halls, capacity of 6.500 persons and 635 rooms. It consists of two blocks.

In Block A, there are Safir Hall, the biggest meeting hall in Istanbul with its 3.108 m² area, and Artemis, Zeus, Keops, Babil, İskenderiye and Rodos halls.

In WOW Convention Center B Block, there is multi-purpose Yakut Hall with opening telescopic tribune system. 

Yakut Hall, the biggest hall of WOW Convention Center Block B with its area of 1.180 square meter, can be divided into 3 sections. Yakut Hall, the 2nd biggest hall of the facility has the first and only automatic telescopic mobile tribune system in Turkey opening in less than 5 minutes.



General Information 

A Block Hall Features

Safir Hall

  • 3108 square meter with no column
  • Divisibility into 3 in 11 different styles
  • Divisibility with separators that are soundproof up to 53 decibel
  • 3 door entrances to Safir Hall
  • 8,6 meter ceiling height
  • 1260 square meter foyer that can be divided into 3
  • Three different entrances to the foyer
  • Two opposite symmetrical stage space of 146 square meter
  • Direct transition from parking garage to convention center foyer (moving staircase)
  • Loading doors for material and equipment transfer to Safir Hall from outside

Artemis and Zeus Halls

  • Divisibility into 3
  • Divisibility with separators that are soundproof up to 53 decibel
  • 4 meter ceiling height
  • 92 square meter Artemis Hall foyer
  • 93 square meter Zeus Hall Foyer

Keops - Babil - İskenderiye - Rodos Halls

  • 2 meetings halls of 20 m2
  • 2 meetings halls of 52 m2
  • Capacity varying between 5 to 50



Technical Information 
You can acquire all the technical infrastructure possibilities to utilize advanced technology at all your large and small meetings.

  • Wi-fi internet connection
  • An audio system that broadcasts announcements and music in the halls and foyers
  • Infrastructure support required for audio and visual presentations
  • LCD monitor TV support in the foyers
  • 220V single-phase electrical current
  • 380 V triple-phase electrical current

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